Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn Colors

Autumn is such a magical season! My eyes cannot believe the burst of color everywhere I look. The air is so crisp and chilly, it breaths of change. The squirrels are hyper burying nuts for the winter. The rain causes decay of the fallen leaves and mushrooms grow where it is dark and moist. I love it! I love all seasons and all changes in life and nature, but autumn' s colors and feel is so special to me. It screams of change, it is an explosion before it all shuts down to sleep in white silence for the winter months.
Canada is so beautiful! I am so fortunate to live here in British Columbia and connect so deeply with nature during the seasonal changes.

Here are some photos I have taken this year I hope you enjoy them :)

The first ones are around my wonderful neighborhood and down at the beach.

These photos are at Beacon Hill Park. This very cute squirrel posed for a photo!
And these ones are around the city, the Empress Hotel and at the Governor's Gardens.

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