Friday, December 23, 2011

29th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday was last sunday, I´ve been so busy with Christmas sales that I had not had the time to blog about but it I am finally here. I turned 29!! :S Next year is the big one!! oh dear...! I should start acting like a grown up! I am still pretty immature... haha! But what is time anyway? I have been confused about my age for a few years now, I really don´t pay attention to it and when I am asked how old I am I sometimes have to really do the math lol!
Anyway, on Sunday Jesse and I got on a ferry early in the morning and spent the day at Salt Spring Island. And even though it is pretty much the worst time of the year to go there... it was very interesting to go because it is so quiet and most of the people that live there are artist, writers and crafters so pretty much every house you see has a sign that says  ¨Gallery¨or ¨Studio¨.

We had breakfast in the little town and drove around the island. Found some very cute cows and sheep and drove to the top of the island for a gorgeous lookout to the Gulf Islands. We are definitely going back there in the summer on a Saturday to visit it´s huge and famous market.

Happy holidays to everyone!
I hope 2011 has been good for you and I wish you all a fantastic 2012!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Print Sets

Since the beginning of fall I had this project on my mind and I am happy it is finally completed. 

The original idea was to make a modern set of prints with tree branches suitable for the living room, bedroom or office. So as soon as all the leaves started falling I could not wait to go outside with my camera, it was cold and windy for a little mexican like me but loved photographing the trees, branches, leaves and I even a cute group of small black birds. 

After editing and doing lots of digital work to some of the best photos, I put them together in these three sets. 
Jesse´s favorite is the first set, mine is the third one. They are all color customizable and are now available on my Etsy shop. 

Hope you like them :)

Modern Branches Set
Botanical Set
Birds And Branches Set

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