Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Time!

 It's Spring Time! And finally the weather is nice! The city is an explosion of cherry blossoms and magnolias. It is gorgeous!
Next week is supposed to be sunny and I could not be happier spending most days at the park enjoying the flowers and the newborn animals at the farm (at Beacon Hill Park). I am obsessed with spring this year, maybe I went crazy after a grey and rainy winter.

The market season has begun, and I am excited about it because this year I will no longer be a vendor! I will be a visitor and can't wait to admire all the amazing work from the artisans in this city. I enjoyed selling last year but it was crazy hard work, and now that I am focusing my business on online sales only. Jesse and I can actually enjoy the city on the weekends. We have been living in Victoria for over a year and it is about time to start exploring the city and Vancouver Island.

Here are some photos from the beautiful spring. Enjoy! :)

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