Monday, November 28, 2011

Secret Santa!

My Secret Santa (from Dream Team on Etsy) came in the mail today!! 

Cristina from Freena sent me all these lovely handmade gifts:
A pair of lovely crochet earrings, an awesome 3D cube necklace and my favorite... a fabulous bow necklace!!
I've had my eye on all her bow necklaces for months using them in treasuries and admiring them and now I have one of my own :D so happy! Thanks so much Cristina I looove all my gifts!!

You can see more awesome jewelry and accessories on her Etsy shop Fr33na.

me wearing my gifts!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November Movember

The first time I heard about Movember was in 2008 when I was studding a diploma in New Zealand. Most guys grew a mustache and I thought it was hilarious. I've always thought mustaches are funny. My dad has had one since he was in his 20's and I am so curious of how he would look without it. I have asked him to shave it many times, but I don't think that will ever happen! It is part of him now. He has had a full beard for over 10 years now and loves trimming it every week.  I beg Jesse to never ever grow one lol!

Anyway...here are some awesome Movember Etsy finds!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Mushrooms

Went to the park today to enjoy a beautiful autumn day and took photos of mushrooms.
Then back home to get ready for my second Christmas Craft Show tomorrow evening. I still have to pick up some photos and frame a few prints in the morning. 
Hope you had a beautiful day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Craft show No. 1

Last weekend we had our very first Christmas Craft Show "West Shore Christmas Wonderland" at the Eagle Ridge community centre in Langford, BC.  It was in a Hockey arena, so you can imagine the size of it, and the set up was lovely.

Here are some photos of our booth for this show. We had two tables; one with all the embroidered cotton products, another large table with all the jewelry, ornaments, calendars, photos and prints, and a big wall that we packed full of framed artwork on both sides.

Jesse, my hubby, and I.

Some ornaments and cushions.

Earrings, lockets and pendants made with my photography and mandalas.

One side of the wall and the embroidered bags and cushions.

My friend Campbell from Labyrinth Leather and Kristy from Soak Essentials.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Day Of The Dead!

from Flickr
Today is the Day of the Dead, a national Mexican Holiday, and I am missing my Mexico so much. All the color, the celebration, and the food!
The Day of the Dead is such a beautiful tradition. People build and decorate altars for their loved ones that have passed away. They fill the altars up with the deceased's favorite things, foods and drinks. During this day relatives and friends stop by their house and visit the altar bringing more items to the collection. I remember in school every class had to make their own altar and work as a team, and at the end of the day, the best altar would win a prize. We would get creative and choose some famous Mexican person to dedicate the altar to and remember funny anecdotes about that person. My favorite parts were writing the "Calaberitas", which are funny poems that sometimes made no sense, and making a path with marigold petals to welcome visitors. My hands would be so yellow and smell terrible even after washing them several times lol! And, of course, after the winner was chosen we would eat all the delicious food :)
I love this tradition of building altars on the Day of the Dead because it brings out the artist and crafter in everyone!

Here are some cute Etsy finds to commemorate this day.

And my favorite find are these mexican skulls rings aren't the awesome?!

Feliz Día de Muertos!
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