Monday, December 13, 2010

Meet Buck

Meet Buck

Delicate Creatures

Celephais by tahliaday

About Snow and Ice Crystals

by Kenneth G. Libbrecht
Snow crystal shapes depend on the temperature and humidity.
Thin plates and stars grow around -2 C (28 F), while columns and slender needles appear near -5 C (23 F).  Plates and stars again form near -15 C (5 F), and a combination of plates and columns are made around -30 C (-22 F).

Why snow crystal shapes change so much with temperature remains something of a scientific mystery.  The growth depends on exactly how water vapor molecules are incorporated into the growing ice crystal, and the physics behind this is complex and not well understood.

If you look closely at falling snow, you can see a great many different crystal shapes.  There's a lot more to see than you might think!

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Photography by spirithelpers

When water freezes into ice, the water molecules stack together to form a regular crystalline lattice, and the ice lattice has six-fold symmetry.   It is this hexagonal crystal symmetry that ultimately determines the symmetry of snow crystals.

All info was taken form here.

To learn more about this fascinating topic go here www.snowcrystals.com

Winter Magic!!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

In Black!! / En Negro!!

Thank you to the creators of these fabulous black collections!!

At the bottom of each collection there is a link to an amazing shop, please make sure to visit them :)

Birthday Gifts!! Aldari Jewelry!!

Mi birthday gifts arrived yesterday!!

My dad has been taking a jewelry course. He took some of my designs and turned them into beautiful wearable pieces!

Thank you so much Dad, I love you :)

Aldari origami Bird Silver  Key Chain

Tibetan Fish Mandala Silver Pendant with Turquoise

Tibetan Mandala Fish Ring with Sapphire

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