Thursday, November 18, 2010


A big THANK YOU to all the wonderful sellers that featured me in these WONDERFUL collections! xoxo

A Hint Of Peppermint Sweet by vintageprecious

vintageprecious Makes original designs vintage inspired & created for every little girl to feel like the precious little girl she is, a beautiful princess and loved.

Rose Dress In Red With Pink Ruffles

Cause' you're hot then you're cold... A treasury challenge by ModernMode

ModernMode sells where vintage fashion!

1980s Striped Peasant Dress

Pretty Picks - Treasury Challenge by cloudninecreative

cloudninecreative Makes original pen drawings, prints & pendants.

love heart, fine art print

Sugarplum Sweetness by laurenblythedesigns

laurenblythedesigns  makes handmade jewelry vintage style inspired designs.

Necklace. Winter, Vintage Flower Cluster

retro flare by lizzyleek20

lizzyleek20 sells hand-etched glass, pre-made albums, scrapbook layout pages, greeting cards, and other unique handmade products.

heart shaped sweetheart box

Her Night Out by Shaprink

Shaprink Sells Unique Gifts - Functional Art
All sales in October and November benefit orphaned children and youth in Chatsworth, South Africa! 

Whimsy and Nostalgia

I Heart You! by TheAngryWeather

TheAngryWeather Makes Unique, edgy jewelery!

Lightning Bolt Stud Earrings

Harmony......... by AnnaLela

AnnaLela Sells Handmade and Up-Cycled Bags & Accessories

White Flower - HandBag.

Blue & Red by smafactory

smafactory sells Handmade Jewelry from Polymer Clay.

Black and White Mosaic Clay Pendant

The Words as it is Written by finethreadz

finethreadz  Fine-Threadz Living Casual

Black Leggings Zippered

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  1. Gracias por publicar mis aretes Ale!! es un honor tenerte en mis treasuries :D abrazos!!


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